Reverb Network: Serving Leadership Worldwide


Reverb Network: Serving Leadership Worldwide

by: Sherri Romig

Are you a leader? You might be saying to yourself, no, I’m just a parent, a youth, an employer or employee. What does this have to do with me?

Well, in truth, we are all leaders. Someone is watching your life. How are you leading? Are you living like Jesus?

In the Bible, it says believers are called Christians, which means, “Christ-like.” Paul also wrote in Ephesians 4:1, “As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” Are you leading like Jesus? No, it’s not always easy but needful.

Our lives should be permeated with Christ. The light and love of Jesus should pour out of us like a well–used, tipped over sprinkling can.

Leading like Jesus will cause you to share with others, thus, build up the Kingdom of God.

Are you ready to lead like Jesus?

Let me introduce you to the Reverb Network.

The Reverb Network develops Serving Leaders and helps existing leaders multiply a serving leadership influence in others.

Luke Kuepfer, the president, along with three other men; Scott Miller, Shannon Lehman and Fred Wagoner make up the board of the Reverb Network. Luke has been involved from the beginning and focused his first leadership development program in Uganda. As a director of a non-profit mission organization in Southeast Asia for ten years, Luke learned leadership by doing leadership.

While in Uganda working with a non-profit organization which held numerous leadership events, Luke and Fred became dissatisfied. They quickly realized that there is more to developing people than holding a big splashy event! Yes, it’s great and exciting, but ultimately it just leaves everyone all wet, so to speak.

Luke says that “If you want to develop people the way Jesus did, then you want to get people involved in a movement that grows beyond what you can do.” Reverb is not your typical organization; rather it’s a network that connects missional people focused on the same purpose. “We create networks while adding value to people.”

The Reverb Network’s model is Jesus. He went deep with a few to impact the many. Before leading others, Jesus became a leader worth following by overcoming some of the greatest temptations known to leaders. He was tempted to gratify his flesh, to make a name for himself and to take shortcuts to success. But Jesus overcame these temptations and sought his Father’s will above all else. Like Jesus, we too should ultimately seek to do the will of our Father rather than gratify our selfish desires.


Leadership is influence. Just like a small stone thrown into a pond of water causes a reverberating ripple to eventually affect the entire shoreline, so our lives have potential to change the world. This is where the Reverb Network gets its name.

As shared by the Reverb Network, here are four principles they learned in studying how Jesus led.

  1. Jesus chose to focus on a few rather than on the many; He knew that to reach the “many” He would first have to develop His disciples who would also train and develop others to do as He did.
  2. Developing leaders requires the time and personal attention of an experienced leader. Jesus spent three years in a close, personal relationship with his disciples. He taught, coached and mentored them in preparation to take the gospel to all the world.
  3. Learning to lead like Jesus is a transformational journey that takes a lifetime. It is a process, not an event.
  4. Jesus used an intentional process to develop His disciples from “fishers of fish” to “fishers of men.” He empowered and commissioned them throughout their training and before ascension, assigned them to impact the entire world.

Jesus said, “Follow me.” If you lead yourself well, you become a person worth following.

The Reverb Network provides leadership development for everyone – church leaders, businessmen, youth, parents, etc. … They are all about serving others, helping people live with purpose and intention.

The Reverb Network slogan: Lead – Love and Serve like Jesus.

By looking at Jesus’ example, we clearly see that leadership is not about us and what we can do. Be a leader that reverberates what you have learned and teach others. If you are in it all for yourself, you’ll be like that rock that gets plunked into the water. Yes, it makes a big splash, but sinks quickly to the bottom. Lead, love, and serve like Jesus and watch the reverberating influence on others. Challenge and change the effect on the entire pond.

“Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace; where there is hatred, let me show love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.” Saint Francis of Assisi

Leadership brings us out of our comfort zone. But isn’t that part of growing and deepening our faith?

The goal of Reverb Network is to create leadership movements around the globe. The team at Reverb would rather invest in a few people who are committed to pass on the message that they are receiving than to speak to large crowds about leadership.

“We believe that through the leadership development process, pastors and other community leaders can grow their ministries. By developing new leaders and pastors, new churches will be planted, making a huge Kingdom difference in many unreached areas around the globe.”

God is doing great things!

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In 2013, the Reverb Network began its first leadership development training in a Ugandan community with just seventeen people. What they learned they were to pass on to others. There are now as many as 265 leaders training others to lead, love and serve like Jesus. In fact, this small group of leaders in Uganda is creating a movement- the message of serving leadership has already expanded to South Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda. Luke and Fred are also taking this training program to Liberia and Cameroon, and currently have plans to initiate movements in both Thailand and Nepal over the next year.

Luke recalls, “We will never forget the sight of a leader of 30 plus churches prostrate on the floor, weeping after his feet were washed during the conclusion of our training. He could hardly get over the fact that we had come to serve and empower them. This man now leads a movement of over 40 churches and is developing his leaders on the serving leadership model of Jesus.”

God has humbled and changed the lives of many.

“We’ll never forget the shock we felt when ushered into a young pastor’s office and seeing him seated on a throne-like chair with a platform for his feet. His attendant knelt before him when receiving instructions. A few days later, that pastor stood before his congregation and promised that his leadership would change after hearing our message on serving leadership.”

Again, Reverb’s leadership material is for everyone. Here is one such testimonial from a young mother in Pennsylvania who attended one of Luke’s leadership events:

“If you think since you don’t lead a group or an organization that you are not a leader, [this message] will change that. As a mother who has the gift of administration, it can be easy to feel like I’m not using my gift. I came home from the Encounter empowered with the thought that leadership is not necessarily about leading an organization; it’s more about influence. And believe me, motherhood is full of influence. If you want to understand how everyone is a leader and how to do it well, this is a great place to start the journey.”

Are you ready to help change the world?

Reverb Network offers four different ways to develop leaders using a very simple approach. The information is practical and to the point. Luke is clear on wanting attendees to be changed and not simply challenged by large amounts of material.

One Day Leadership Workshop

Designed for those who want their influence to go beyond a changed habit or a temporarily improved bottom line, these leadership development workshops introduce a unique leadership model that’s focused on the greatest leader of all times, Jesus Christ. During the Encounter workshops, participants will discover the power of leading through God-given authority, compassion, and grace. The Encounter’s highly interactive design allows for peer to peer learning and self- discovery. After this one-day event, participants can choose to join a leadership development program or initiate one for their organization.

Personal or Team Coaching and Consulting

You usually know what needs to be done, but obstacles and fear can easily block the way. Coaching helps you process your own self-doubt, consider the options, and embrace a way that you believe in and will pursue with renewed energy. Sometimes you simply need input and feedback on your current life journeys or future dreams. Through one-on-one consultations, they will share an experience and insights, or connect you with someone in your field who can bring his or her expertise to bear on your brilliant ideas.

Leadership Development Cohort

Providing a safe place to process your personal leadership journey, the leadership development cohort allows you to dig deep with like-minded serving leaders over a one-year period. These one-day cohorts are held each quarter and allow you to develop over time while connecting with other world-changing visionaries. Learning, coaching, interacting, laughing, and praying all serve vital roles in making this informal event a time of joyful growth and vision casting for one’s future.

Leadership Development Movement

Their four-phase process is designed to take leaders through a four-year leadership development program that initiates a serving leadership movement. Throughout the process, you will grow as a leader while also developing other individuals to lead, who in time do the same for others, just as Jesus did. To accomplish this, it requires us to focus on a few leaders (10-20) who are able and willing to make the necessary commitment to complete all four phases and begin training and developing other leaders.

If you are still not convinced this is for you, here is yet another testimonial:

“If you are interested in accelerating your journey to becoming a Serving Leader, I encourage you to attend a Live Like Jesus Encounter. I was inspired with practical tools and resources offered to help me build right relationships and develop positive attitudes, behaviors and habits that model our Greatest Serving Leader Role Model, Jesus.”

We serve an amazing God who is able to do amazing things!

Come – Lead, love, and serve like Jesus!

If you would like more information, send an email to or visit them online at If you would like to support their ministry through prayer or financial giving, that would be greatly appreciated. You can donate online at their website or write a check payable to the Reverb Network and mail it to P.O. Box 910146, Lexington, KY 40591. All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt and an annual report.

All donations of $25 or more will also receive a free copy of Luke’s Serving Leadership Devotional. By looking at the Gospel of Matthew through the lens of serving leadership, Luke shares profound and practical insights based on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. Not only did Jesus influence thousands of people during his three-year stint of ministry, but more importantly, he focused on developing a handful of disciples who turned his vision into a global movement.

Lead – Love and Serve like Jesus! Let’s Change the World!