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Serving The Amish Community

Just Plain Values is an Amish magazine that is meant to serve and support the Amish community in the areas we publish. We work hard to ensure that our Amish readers view Just Plain Values as an indispensable source of local information. Each issue contains articles on benefit or charity auctions, nonprofit organizations/missions and/or similar events that serve the community. As a bonus, Just Plain Values readers are able to submit information about charitable events that are published at no charge.



4 Separate Editions

Just Plain Values Magazine is published on a monthly basis in 4 separate editions. The content of each edition is tailored to the major Amish settlements located in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana/Michigan. An additional “national” edition reaches about 9,500 Amish homes throughout the United States that are outside of those 3 major settlements. Across all editions, Just Plain Values Magazine is read by nearly 40,000 Amish households across the United States, with an estimated readership of *280,000 individuals.


*Based on Amish Population Profile 2014. “Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies”, Elizabethtown College

Just Plain Values Sample Magazines

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Just Plain Values Amish Magazine

March 2017

Just Plain Values Amish Magazine

January 2017

Just Plain Values Amish Magazine

November 2016

Just Plain Values Amish Magazine

September 2016

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