Who receives Just Plain Values?

Virtually all of the Amish in each one of our zones – Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana/Michigan – receive a copy of Just Plain Values. We also distribute a national edition that covers other Amish settlements all across the United States.

What does it cost to subscribe to Just Plain Values? 

Just Plain Values is freely distributed to our list of Amish households.

Can I subscribe to Just Plain Values if i’m not Amish? 

Currently, Just Plain Values is an Amish only magazine.

How do the Amish receive the magazine? 

It comes in the mailbox addressed by name.

What areas/settlements do you cover?

We cover Ohio, Michiana (Indiana and Michigan), Pennsylvania and other Amish settlements across the United States.

How many households receive Just Plain Values? 

Approximately 10,000 households in each one of our zones (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michiana, and national) receive the magazine.

Can I rent your mailing list to advertise to the Amish?

Yes, our list is available to rent. Please note that we screen our advertisers to ensure that only high quality and relevant ads are mailed to our subscribers.  Contact us for more information.