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To The Amish

Who We Are

An Amish Marketing Company

Plain Target Marketing is a unique marketing company that specializes in direct mail marketing campaigns geared towards the Amish and plain communities of North America. We employ individuals with strong connections to Amish communities, including several who are current members of the Amish church. We understand the peculiarities and cultural sensitivities of the Amish, which allows us to craft effective marketing campaigns with high response rates. Our knowledgable staff is here to help you market to the Amish.

Amish Horse and Buggy in Front of a Farm

Our Reach

Our publications reach a large number of Amish families in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and beyond.



99% of households



97% of households



98% of households



*Numbers are approximate due to natural fluctuations

What We Do

Special Interest Publications

At Plain Target Marketing, we publish special interest magazines crafted specifically for Amish communities. Our flagship publication, Just Plain Values, is a collection of articles and advertisements that is designed to resonate with Amish audiences. A monthly publication, Just Plain Values reaches tens of thousands of Amish households within the target markets of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan. And because we publish a different edition for each market, you are able to tailor your ads to that specific area.



Direct Mail Advertising

Plain Target Marketing can help your business advertise to the Amish. Our mailing list of Amish households covers nearly every family in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan regions including the key areas of Holmes County Ohio, Lancaster County Pennsylvania, and Elkhart/Lagrange Counties in Indiana. Our list also reaches 9,500 additional Amish homes in communities scattered throughout the remaining 46 states. If your business has a product or service that Amish families would benefit from hearing about, we can help get you in nearly every household in the major demographic areas through direct mail campaigns.

What Our Advertisers Say

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